lauren; I'm sorry I doubted you. Of all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no-one believe's what you say. You put all your trust in me. Now it's my turn to do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go

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I’m really curious who this is, You gotta come back tbh *flips hair*

Send me a ϟ if you would like my Skype and then I’ll message you back with my Skype! (:

Anonymous M a i l e d ; thank you for your blog
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - More like thank you for sending this message, Anon chan! <33

seshiiru M a i l e d ; Sorry, here's the new link ( I made a stupid mistake on the first xD ) seshiiru(.)tumblr(.)com/post/95271325248/for-asummonerslight-keep-going-awesome-lady
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - BABY! I don’t know what to say, OH MY GOSH! My tags are here if you would like to read them. I seriously wasn’t expecting this, It’s so beautiful How did you know my two favourite pics? *looks at you* hehe, Thank you princess! You’re so sweet! <33

Anonymous M a i l e d ; Admitting something dumb here but whatever. I've wanted to have a chat with you a couple times but I've never worked up the courage to do so. I'm always scared people will think I'm a creep when I try and talk to them since I'm slightly older than the average user you see around(I'm 24). Also considering I'm a white middle class guy I'm also afraid people are going to hate on me for that so not messaging anyone is just another way to not let the toxic community get to me. Sorry for the rant.
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - Hey there! Awh sweetheart, You can talk to me anytime! Twenty four really isn’t that older than me yanno? I know older people on here sweetheart ,Believe me! *chuckles* Hey! No one is gonna hate on your darling, I won’t let them *draws out gunblade* Don’t be so worried, I bet you’re an amazing guy boo! Please don’t be afraid to talk me, Okays? I won’t bite *chuckles* <33

smile-soldier M a i l e d ; I read your post and thought I'd seize the moment to say hi. (: I think your edits and blogs are absolutely stunning, and you are a beautiful person inside and out from what I've seen. Thank you for being so inspirational to those who need your kind presence. Please continue to be our candle in the dark.
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - WHOOP NEW ICONS I MADE AT LAST!  I… I seriously, Do not know what to say… I’m speechless. I never thought I would inspire anyone yanno? I really can’t thank you enough for this beautiful and lovely message. You’ve made my day! I really don’t know what to say, I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart sweetheart! I love you! <33

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