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Hey there, I'm lauren & this is my gaming
blog. I like to create stuff and reblog
stuff from my favourite games *chuckles*
I'm not really good at these intro's
but my ask is always open if you wanna
chat *high fives*

♥ current theme look; World Of Warcraft ♥

It flashes bright
then fades away

I will try and get on this tomorrow. I’m super tired rn. You can visit my personal; cesarolee or tweet me at; asummonerslight if you want too’s ^^

Idk. I just really love this pic ^^ #selife #diary #insta

BRAND NEW THEME! That I coded *cheers*

farplanewishes is now cesarolee ^^

I shall try and get on later if I can. Right now I need some sleep though. If I can get on I’ll explain why I’ve been missing and such. I think my message count has gone up too but as I’m on my phone I’m not sure. If it has then I’ll try my best to reply to you if I get on later, depends when I wake *chuckles*

SOME GOOD NEWS: if you read a post a while ago saying I contacted the Smaraitins by email BUT on Monday I actually phoned them. That took a lot of guts too do I’m tellin’ ya. Me calling? You would of laughed but I just did it. I didn’t wen think I just went for it and I’m super proud. ANOTHER bit of good news is that I lost some weight, WHOOP! I’ll write more about that later. I’m just super proud of myself, I’ve done myself proud.

Also I’m now theme making *winks* I maybe releasing some in the near future (;

Goodnight! xox

I hate being this lonely. I just… Urgh I am seriously hating this! This feeling is getting worse too, meh

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IM BAAAACK! Well I’m coding a new theme for lightsjournal at the moment. Something to keep my mind off stuff. I will try and get on my main later to explain why I w been missing. 

Like I said I’m coding at the moment so I kinda just wanna be alone rn ^^

I love you all so much! <33
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