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lauren; I'm sorry I doubted you. Of all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no-one believe's what you say. You put all your trust in me. Now it's my turn to do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go together.

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- I'm trying to get online as much as I can *cheers* Just super busy at the moment, don't mind me *chuckles*

- Secret project on the way! <3

Past & Future

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I should totally do something for you guys if you donate. I’m not sure what to do though… Maybe a set or promo or something? Hey, If you donate and tell me you have then lemme know what you want and I’ll do it, Yeah? Okay awesome *cheers*

Anonymous M a i l e d ; do you have Skype? If so can I add you?
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           { ϟ } - I do, Yes! *cheers* Please may you ask me off anon though? I will give it to you ofc. Don’t be afraid to ask off anon, I’ll just reply with my Skype *high fives* <33

I’ve just told my mom about setting up the donations page and she’s super proud of me that I’ve set up all on my own. Now I feel even more proud of myself, hehe.

Also; What I forgot to add to my about witch I will later. But the reason I kept everything a secret for so long is because I’m one of those people that like to get everything sorted before telling people things. So, I’m like… I have to make sure I have everything or everything is running smoothly, yanno? I wouldn’t like to have said “Let’s do this” Then not have the right things, Yanno? that would have just made me upset tbh. So yeah, I hope you understand and I shall add this later (: <33

Anonymous M a i l e d ; You're beautiful WOW
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           { ϟ } - OH MY GOSH! Thankies so much, You’re all such cuties. I love you’s! <33

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My Personality:

  • I’m loud.
  • I’m obnoxious. 
  • I’m sarcastic. 
  • I’m cocky.
  • I cry easily.
  • I have a bad temper.
  • I’m easy to get along with.
  • I have more enemies than friends. 
  • I’ve smoked.
  • I’ve smoked weed.
  • I drink coffee.
  • I clean my room daily.

My Appearance:

  • I wear a piece of jewelry at all times.
  • I wear makeup.
  • I wear contacts.
  • I wear glasses.
  • I have braces
  • I change my hair colour often
  • I straighten my hair often
  • I have a piercing 
  • I have small feet

My Relationships:

  • I’m in a relationship now.
  • I’m single.
  • I’m crushin’.
  • I’m always scared of being hurt.
  • An ex has physically abused me at least once.
  • I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
  • I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
  • I’ve been in love more than two times.
  • I believe in love at first sight.
  • I believe lust is more important than love.

My Friendships:

  • I have a best friend.
  • I have at least ten friends.
  • I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
  • I’ve beaten up a friend.
  • I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.

My Experiences:

  • I’ve been on a plane.
  • I’ve been on a train.
  • Someone close to me has passed away.
  • I’ve taken a taxi.
  • I’ve taken a city bus.
  • I’ve taken a school bus.
  • I’ve gone bungee jumping.
  • I’ve made a speech.
  • I’ve been in some sort of club.
  • I’ve won an award.
  • I’ve spent 24 Hours on the computer straight.
  • I’ve been in a physical fight.


  • I listen to R&B.
  • I listen to country.
  • I listen to pop.
  • I listen to techno.
  • I listen to rock.
  • I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
  • I hate the radio.
  • I download music.
  • I buy CDs.


  • I spend at least six hours a day watching television.
  • I watch soap operas daily.
  • I’m in love with Days of Our Lives.
  • I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
  • I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
  • I’ve seen and like Americas Next Top Model.
  • I’ve seen and like Popular.
  • I’ve seen and like 24.
  • I’ve seen and liked CSI.
  • I’ve seen and liked Law & Order: SVU.

Family Life:

  • I get along with both of my parents.
  • My biological parents are still together. 
  • I have at least one brother.
  • I have at least one sister.
  • I have at least one step brother/sister.
  • I have at least one half brother/sister.
  • I’ve been kicked out of the house.
  • I’ve ran away from my home.
  • I’ve sworn at my parents.
  • I’ve made my parents cry.
  • I’ve lied to my parents.
  • I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
  • I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.
  • I’ve lied to my parents so I’d be allowed out.
  • I’ve walked out when I’ve been grounded.


  • I’ve been brown.
  • I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
  • I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
  • I’ve been blonde.
  • I’ve had black.
  • I’ve been light brown.
  • I’ve had colorful highlights.
  • I’ve gotten my hair thinned. 
  • I use conditioner.
  • I’ve used silk therapy.
  • I’ve used hot oil treatments.
  • I’ve curled my hair.
  • I’ve straightened my hair.
  • I’ve ironed my hair.
  • I’ve braided my hair.


  • I’ve yelled at a teacher. 
  • I’ve been suspended.
  • I’ve had an in-school suspension.
  • I’ve been sent to the principals office.
  • I’ve walked out of class.
  • I’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class.
  • I’ve failed a test.
  • I’ve cheated on a test.
  • I’ve helped someone else cheat on a test.
  • I’ve failed Art.
  • I’ve failed P.E.
  • I’ve failed math.
  • I’ve failed another class
  • A teacher has called my parents.