lauren; I'm sorry I doubted you. Of all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no-one believe's what you say. You put all your trust in me. Now it's my turn to do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go together.

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Rest of my contacts are here *cheers*

Anonymous M a i l e d ; take a look at 'anime icons' or something like that so you can take references c:
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - That is certainly a good Idean, Anon-Chan! *cheers* I’ll make my own Icons of the character but this will certainly help. I’ve already found some cuties, hehe. Thank you so much! <33

Anonymous M a i l e d ; I just came out to a friend and now she won't talk to me, any ideas???
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - You did nothing wrong anon-chan. I don’t know you or your friend but your friend is acting like a child. She should be happy that you want to do something that makes you happy, Like roleplaying! If she doesn’t come through then maybe she isn’t the right friend? She should support you. Roleplay isn’t bad or anything… I really don’t get that. You should do what makes you happy, Sweetheart! <33

Anonymous M a i l e d ; Lucy from fairy tail
B l o n d i e ;

           { ϟ } - Oh wow really? I know this cutie, Not well but I do know her *chuckles* You really think? *smiles* <33

           { ϟ } - vierawood! I have to admit, She a cutie patootie. I don’t know her but like I said she’s a cutie *chuckles* This is her, Right? *tilts head* <33

Ooh one question though. Witch anime girls are popular atm and can associate with me? I have an idea but I can’t think of any. If you have any ideas people then please lemme know. THANKIES 💆

If anyone wants to talk about anything too me. Like personal or just needs to have a moment. You can always message me guys. I will drop everything just to help someone else. So never think you can’t come to me, okay’s? I love you all